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Vision Finland Partners with NordCham Indonesia: Expanding Opportunities for Nordic Businesses

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Vision Finland is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Nordic Chamber of Commerce,
known as NordCham, marking a new era of collaboration and growth opportunities. NordCham,
the foremost Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, embodies a commitment to fostering
robust business ties and sustainable development across various sectors.

NordCham’s expansive scope encompasses a diverse array of industries, including forestry, mining,
transportation, education, energy, industry, defense, telecommunications, maritime, smart city
initiatives, new capital development, healthcare, pharma, and food and agriculture. With a vision
geared towards cultivating a prosperous Nordic-Indonesian business community through
sustainable partnerships, NordCham is dedicated to representing and amplifying the Nordic
business presence in Indonesia.

At the heart of NordCham’s mission lies the ethos of promoting economic development and
sustainability in Indonesia. With an astute Indonesian board of management deeply entrenched in
the nuances of the local landscape, NordCham is strategically positioned to support Nordic
companies in navigating the Indonesian market effectively.

Among NordCham’s esteemed members are industry stalwarts such as Metso, Volvo, H&M,
Ericsson, Kone, Orkla, Ikea, Wärtsilä, Nokia, SKF, and Valmet, reflecting the Chamber’s diverse and
dynamic network. Collaborating with selected partners like Hill & Associates, Reformasi Weekly,
Mandala, and Business Finland, NordCham provides a wealth of resources and expertise to
facilitate member success.

Members of NordCham enjoy a plethora of benefits, including access to market intelligence and
knowledge databases, networking opportunities, monthly roundtable discussions, Kevin O’Rourke
market updates, and active engagement with Indonesian stakeholders. Moreover, NordCham
boasts specialized committee focusing on women in business and sustainability, underscoring its
commitment to inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, NordCham envisions playing a pivotal role in representing Nordic companies in
European joint advocacy efforts and organizing large-scale events supported by the Nordic Council
of Ministers. Additionally, NordCham aims to publish a comprehensive guide to doing business in
Indonesia, providing invaluable insights and resources to prospective investors.

As NordCham continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable business
partnerships and driving economic growth, Vision Finland is excited to embark on this
collaborative journey towards a brighter and more prosperous future for Nordic businesses in
Indonesia. Together, we stand poised to embrace new opportunities, overcome challenges, and
forge enduring connections in pursuit of shared success.

If you want know more about NordCham, please contact Magnus Ramstad Dahl (Director) or Veera Rosendahl (Researcher) through email contact(a)

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