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Vietnam Considers Increasing Environmental Tax

karina tess H14pfhlfr24 unsplash

Vietnam is planning to increase the environmental protection tax on non-biodegradable packaging materials. The proposal is included in the draft report by the Ministry of Justice about the law-making program of the 15th National Assembly.

Plastic bags are already subject to environmental protection tax. But styrofoam boxes used for packaging food would be subjected to this tax under “non-biodegradable packaging materials.”

The ministry points out that many countries in the world impose high environmental protection taxes on plastic bags and have even banned the production, sale, and use of plastic bags.

Vietnam was one of the countries using the most plastic bags, with an average of 1kg per month per household, according to the ministry.

In two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, about 80 million tonnes of plastic products and plastic bags were dumped into the environment every day, most of which are non-biodegradable.

According to a study by the University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, around 2.5 million tonnes of plastics and plastic bags were discarded in Vietnam in 2020, most of which were styrofoam boxes, plastic bags, and straws. Only 10% was recycled and reused.

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