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Netflix Turns Its Focus to Southeast Asia

freestocks 11SgH7U6TmI unsplash

Streaming giant Netflix has set its focus this year on highlighting works by creators from Southeast Asia through recent and upcoming projects on its over-the-top (OTT) platform.

Southeast Asian films and series have fared consistently well on Netflix, with some even making it to the Global Top 10 List of what subscribers watch, including Indonesia’s Cigarette Girl and Thailand’s Hunger.

Last year’s report by Singapore analysis firm Media Partners Asia stated that Netflix’s revenue growth would benefit from more material contributions from parts of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

The streaming company appeared to continue the plan. In Thailand, which has seen success with the drama series The Believers this March, Netflix is increasing its original content from just six titles last year to 10 titles this year.

It includes a horror series Terror Tuesday: Extreme, a sci-fi anthology Tomorrow and I, and the 70s’ sex-centered Doctor Climax, the latter premiered on June 13.

The Philippines is also set to expand its slate by dropping an original psychological thriller in October called Outside, which deals with a family in a zombie outbreak.

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