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‘Flex’ Offices Boom in Manila

mimi thian 8kdA2IJsjcU unsplash

Demand for flexible office space in the Philippines is hitting unprecedented highs, especially in Manila’s Makati central business district, benefiting from the post-pandemic hybrid work.

“Now we’re blessed to have the wind on our back. Demand for flex space has never been better,” KMC Solutions’ cofounder Michael McCullough says.

He said the ‘central headquarters’ model no longer works for everyone as many employees have relocated to residences away from Metro Manila since the pandemic erupted four years ago.

Unlike traditional offices that require long-term commitment, flexible workspace can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly, and can occupy as few workstations as needed.

Compared with other flexible working space providers elsewhere in the world, he said Asia was doing better and generally reporting greater space takeup.

“We typically have smaller homes. We don’t have large private offices like you see in the West. We live in small condos in more urban and denser environments,” McCullough says.


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