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Finland Falling Behind on Carbon Neutrality Goal

joakim honkasalo MHWwBuodg k unsplash

Finland is falling behind on meeting its 2035 carbon neutrality goal and must take more action, particularly in land use, an annual government report shows.

The report says that additional reduction required to attain the 2035 neutrality would amount to half of Finland’s current total emissions or 19 million metric tons (Mt) of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Meanwhile, the country needs a reduction of 1.3 million Mt CO2 to reach the 60% cutback by 2030 as laid out in its Climate Act.

According to the report, the net carbon sink of Finnish forests has shrunk considerably in the last few years, posing major challenges to the country’s climate goals.

Forests and soil are the most significant carbon sinks in the land use sector. According to current estimates, Finland will fall far behind the EU obligations for the land use sector for 2021-2025, the report said. The country will need to purchase credits from other EU member states to cover the deficit.

“Finland must find a sustainable level of forest utilization,” Minister for Climate and Environment Kai Mykkanen says.

“Forest industries should find added value and growth without increasing forest utilization volumes.”

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