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Bangkok Introduces Strict Regulations for Street Vendors

racim amr n1u9cmDQj5Y unsplash

To reorganize public spaces and enhance street cleanliness, Bangkok’s Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has announced plans to enforce strict regulations on street vendors within the city, fostering a more orderly and hygienic environment.

Under the new regulations, vendors operating in officially recognized areas must comply with income assessments and taxation. Those earning over 25,000 baht monthly will be mandated to pay taxes. Additionally, all street vendors must register with the national income and tax system to continue trading.

The regulations also enforce trading within designated zones. Vendors will need to ensure their activities do not obstruct pedestrians and that their areas remain clean. Otherwise, the city can ban the vending activities.

The aim is to phase out street vending progressively. The city envisions transitioning vendors into commercial zones, seeking partnerships with businesses to offer affordable rental spaces for these vendors.

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